My name is

Damien Wilson

I'm an Application Developer. I automate tasks for business

About me


I'm Damien Wilson, the founder of Trend Store. As a developer and with most other things in my life, I love reaching new heights. Growth and success are at the very heart of everything I do and with this focus I'm humbled to say I achieve great things.

For 3½ years I worked with an award winning search marketing and advertising agency in London called Net Media Planet. We were a team of highly driven individuals focused on pushing industry boundaries and exceeding the expectations of our clients. The people I shared my days with at Net Media Planet are widely considered technically and intellectually among the best in the industry.

During my time in the tech industry I've had great success working closely with clients. I've managed to build life-long relationships whilst significantly helping to increase online revenue. I've also enjoyed teaching web design and development at a well established college in south Oxfordshire and more recently, became an award winning developer when Net Media Planet won Best Agency Led Performance Marketing Campaign at the Performance Marketing Awards 2014.

It was difficult to leave Net Media Planet however, I now spend my days building innovative applications for business and have a lot more time to spend with my family.

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Damien Wilson

Managing Director
Trend Store Ltd

What I Do

  • Workflow Solutions

    Where's business without a problem to solve? During the past 7 years and 1 month I've been creating powerful automated solutions that solve problems and optimise workflow.
  • Application Development

    With my skills in web development and a drive to always do better, interfaces and applications I create are sharp, functional and to a very high standard.
  • Database Implementation

    Whether it be relational like Oracle's MySQL or non-relational like the big & super-fast MongoDB, at the heart of a great application is a robust and well executed database.
  • Innovation

    As a natural innovator I push hard for improvement. A great man once said "Innovation isn't about saying yes to everything. It's about saying NO to all but the most crucial features".



2006 - 2018

Being my second language and the favorite one of choice (bar English) I write at good speed and rarely need documentation support to create robust applications.


2005 - 2018

I'm an HTML expert. This language has evolved greatly over the years and I'm happy to say that in our current era, the debut of HTML5 has given a solid foundation to create great websites and apps.

Server Administration

2010 - 2018

Ubuntu OS has been a solid platform for many applications I've built. With greater exposure to this scope in recent times, I'm very comfortable administering the day to day running of Ubuntu and other Unix based systems.

Continuous Integration

2011 - 2018

Jenkins CI is the cherry-on-the-cake of a highly optimised and agile development workflow. It encapsulates each step needed to develop, test and launch a website or application and does it all automatically.


2008 - 2018

Written in an object orientated way, I love Javascript because it releases the power of front end applications. Using methodologies and library's like MVC and jQuery respectively can greatly speed up development. Add require.js in the mix and you've got modular, future-proofed code.


2005 - 2018

Being a visual developer I simply love styles. I write at good speed for great lengths of time. With CSS, I can visualise a style goal whether on paper or in my minds eye and translate it to code.


2011 - 2018

Over the past 6 years and 9 months the importance of source control has become a vital stage in my development process. Not only do applications become more robust but it opens the door to automated, continuous integration.


2009 - 2018

As a WordPress developer I have had great success building highly optimised and functional sites for clients. Some of which have featured comparison sites built for rapid deployment on the WordPress Multisite platform.



Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you were able to find everything you needed.

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